My goal, as always, is to sell your home within a reasonable timeframe that procures the optimum price for your investment.

Marketing Campaign

Century 21 Barefoot Realty is a local real estate firm specializing in various types of residential sales throughout Horry and Georgetown Counties. It is our non-traditional approach to marketing and our commitment to developing trained sales professionals that gives us the competitive advantage that our clients are looking for. Applying our go out and get them mentality versus the wait for them to come to us is why we feel you should consider us as your exclusive marketing team. You will notice below that our marketing plan is based on total emersion of the market. We approach sales from many angles. We know that today’s market demands we hit consumers and agents by phone, fax and Internet.


Century 21 Barefoot Realty has top Internet exposure in the area. Your home is listed on several top real estate search sites on the Web, such as:,,, etc. Our Web sites have had extensive search optimization to the point that 80% of the time a person searching for homes in our area will hit our sites. Plus, we have affiliated businesses in financing and rental management, as well as others, that all have links to our sites.

Every site captures information on users so our skilled sales professionals can actively prospect them. We have systems in place to handle over 200 leads a day. We convert the leads to clients by having our skilled sales professionals prospecting the leads on a daily basis.

MLS Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes that companies are making in today’s market is that they are not using leverage to their advantage. We know that 70% of sales will come from cooperating agents in the MLS. With statistics like this, we must look at this seriously and capitalize on the 3000 agents that are working with buyers.

Email campaign to attract more broker participation. We prospect cooperating agents daily to promote your property and send out a monthly promotion through company newsletter.

Call all top producing agents in our MLS who have sold fines homes in 2010 to introduce your property.

Print advertising

Recent studies and our proven track record have shown that the internet is the most effective media for marketing therefore we choose to limit our print advertising. We do publish a Real Estate Book with our listings.

Solicit other agents

Call agents in neighboring territories to participate in our referral program for buyers creating incentives for agents covering areas inland to refer there buyers to THG.

Call agents in Horry and Georgetown counties who have sold similar properties in your area.

C21 Barefoot Realty

Our buyer’s agents are highly skilled top producing agents with extensive databases. They are team players who take great pride in selling company listings as well as being offered strong incentives to do so.

North Carolina Agents

There are currently 49,000 real estate agents in NC. They often know people who are investing in or relocating to Myrtle Beach. To capture these opportunities, we email these agents once a month, promoting our listings and our very lucrative referral incentive program.

Emailed monthly with virtual tour links Promote referral bonus structure

Out of State Agents

As members of the largest Real Estate training company in the country we have access to the Top Producing agents in the U.S. Networking with these agents has produced great results.

Every week we market to a specific state. Contact agents and inform them of the new property, pricing, and incentives. Explain strong referral fees paid for leads that we convert to closed transactions. This has proven to be very effective especially in these challenging times. Many of these companies not only know of people looking to invest in the area, but they also have large relocation departments.

Active, aggressive telemarketing

In today’s market there are not enough leads walking through the door. We accept the responsibility of creating demand for your property and have assembled an effective telemarketing staff ready to do so.

Our agents actively and aggressively prospect on the phone five days a week, for at least two hours.

List fine properties on Craig’s List with a link to our Web sites.

Hold open houses at your home. The day of the open house, knock in the neighbor’s doors and invite them to visit the home. The day before, call all homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods in search of interest and invite them to visit.

Email blasts

Weekly email blast to top producing agents with a “Property of the Week.”

Blast the flyer of every new listing to a database of 40,000 people who are interested in the Myrtle Beach area. The email includes incentives, slide show, virtual tour, pricing, and links to Web sites.

Capture more highly qualified buyers through our advanced email marketing drip campaign.


Personally take multiple high-quality photos that have been Photo Shopped to optimize clarity and lighting.

For residential or non-rental property include a Property Information Package which provides on-hand useful information to any potential buyers AT the property.

In conclusion

Due to the above marketing strategies, we typically generate more leads in a week then the sales staff can handle. To assure proper conversion, we have assembled a very aggressive telemarketing team to call and convert these leads into appointments. On a daily basis, we have 15-20 people making prospecting calls for 3 hours. This amounts to approximately 350-375 contacts per day. These leads then get filtered to the appropriate properties.

Internet Leads
Investor lists
Move up and move down buyer lists
Buyer Call-In lists
Mortgage Call-In lists
ARCH Telecom
Rentbo’s – Great source of investors and repeat buyers. Local Realtor calls promoting our inventory
Email Drip Campaigns
Email Blasts

We at Century 21 Barefoot Realty understand the current market and have made the proper adjustments necessary to produce sales and create profits during these very challenging times. We are committed to our client relationships and remain active throughout the entire process until your property is sold and closed. We request the opportunity to discuss your marketing needs and to demonstrate how we can get your property SOLD as quickly as possible while netting you the most money in your pocket.

Bret French

Century 21 Barefoot Realty